Baby Badass

He Didn’t Ask To Be Born


A sweet girl in a bad situation, a baby found in the desert brush, and an intense, action-packed brawl that pushes the boundaries of good taste and introduces us to a truly unique Superantihero; this is how it all starts in All Night Long and the End of the Beginning. The year is 2043. The surface world is a dry, angry, twistedly violent place filled with aggressive, degenerate assholes and pockets of habitable spaces amidst oddly-beautiful, toxic, desolate wastelands, a scarred topography populated by scary and scared Reals, Bots, Freaks, Virts, and Leets.

Baby Badass is a loving homage to the often exploitive comics made famous by some of the 1990's more macho, vengeance-based creations. The broad strokes of blunt, barbaric violence are balanced by a sprawling storyline that gradually opens up to a unexpectedly crazed yet colorful future. The comedic elements are served in a sardonic stew blending natural and geopolitical catastrophe with some of the more extreme elements of a warped, paranoid society. Also, there are some poop jokes.