Action Lab: Danger Zone is set to release the Baby Badass mini-series in early 2018.

Pop Culture Maven calls it “A real bloodbath,” and “like nothing else in comics today.”

Comic Bastards raves, “It’s hilarious. If you like comics that are actually funny, or you’re a fan of Adult Swim, then Baby Badass is the book for you.”

It’s a raw meditation on humanity’s future, featuring over-the-top violence, spastic action, and complex characters drenched in dark, sardonic humor.

“A Romp! A good, damn time… laugh out loud… If you like comic books that are actually funny, and you’re a fan of Adult Swim then Baby Badass is the book for you.”

-Comic Bastards

“A real bloodbath. Like nothing else in comics today.”

-Pop Culture Maven

“Terrifying Enough to Promote Abstinence!”

-FanGirl Nation

“An exciting and fun exercise in foul language, potty humor, and over the top violence. Doles out the grue and carnage with no limit or restraint. BABY BADASS is an entertaining and good looking book that pulls no punches. Non-stop action with a heavy dose of Grindhouse awesome and wrongness.”