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 Jun 03, 2015 - Art

Proffesor Locke

Grizzled, embittered, yet philosophical about the state of the country, Professor Jonathan Q. Locke gives every outward appearance that he has dropped off the grid and retreated into a harmless shell. But looks can be deceiving.

When found by Baby Badass and Joey, they discover he has a secret underground base that is connected to a vast network of the rebel shadow group, “The Way Underground.” His frail, broken body is held together by a high-tech, occasionally-malfunctioning exoskeleton that he designed himself. His super genius level smarts is matched only by LaPeer, and actually surpassed by his gifted assistant, Myriam. Their connections help enlighten our hero as Locke becomes the figurative window to the world for Baby Badass, and the key to figuring out just who he is and what purpose he is to serve. Locke is quirky, a bit absent-minded, with a dark sense of humor that augments his sincere belief that all is not yet lost.