Set in a semi-distant dystopian future, a military experiment goes wrong as the hybrid clone of an elite soldier escapes into the new American West. With the strength of thirty to three-hundred men (depending on his rage level), bulletproof Baby Badass aka Alphie Omega is impervious to pain, possesses superhuman speed, agility, and unprecedented killing abilities. There’s just one little thing - he’s trapped inside the body of a baby, with some…shall we say, unique weaknesses. Teaming up with Joey, the sexy Cocktail waitress who saves him, they’re on the run from M.O.T.H.E.R., a rogue military entity in a country gone mad. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen and everything you’ve ever loved all at the same time.
Coming in Spring 2018 from Action Lab: Danger Zone


Baby Badass

The stunted clone of Alphie Omega, 21st Century super-soldier (aka Baby Badass), is the creation of the top secret Playing God Project. Run by the Army’s M.O.T.H.E.R. program (Military Organization To Harness Evolutionary Resources), he was developed to be a relentless, remorseless killing machine.


Sweet, naïve, and caught in a suffocating trap of despair and depravity, Joey becomes a beacon of hope for Baby Badass. Saving him from possible death in the desert, the two forge an unlikely bond as they set off on a comically violent journey where faith in one another is their only chance of survival. 



A blowsy, blustery lady who has seen a lot in her time, especially through the decades spent slinging drinks at The Bearded Clam, a biker bar/strip club in the New West desert, miles from the “civilization,” such as it is, of Cinderville. 



The darkly demented owner and operator of The Bearded Clam, Shiver is a violent misogynist and asshole supreme. Supported by simpletons and sycophants, he leads a gang of outlaws existing in the “real” world of the New West.